Get Your Business Gamifyd

Get Your Business Gamifyd

Engage sales, support, and development teams with the
most advanced gamification platform

Engage sales, support, and development teams with the
most advanced gamification platform

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Raise the stakes by showing users how they compare to their peers.



Connect players to complete tasks and share their achievements.



Recognize accomplishments and give the feeling performance is noticed.

Gamifyd in 2 minutes

Gamifyd in 2 minutes

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Encourage Competition

Increase motivation and boost team culture by adding a sense of friendly competition.

Drive Results With Contests

Design contests that get teams focused on the right KPIs and open new communication channels.

All-Play-All Leagues

Let your athletes compete on a set schedule, a “season”. You decide how many matches.

Crown Your Champions

Build a series of races and award the top 10 players with championship points.

Encourage Competition



Provide encouragement by rewarding strength and delivering feedback.



Motivate players to outperform their peers by rewarding performance.



Get teams focused on the right KPI’s and open new communication channels.

Reward Achievement

Reward Achievement

Award for completing training, coaching others, winning customers, and successful completion of missions.

Reward With Badges

Let everyone see achievement on employees profile with badges awarded for reaching goals.

Use Reward Points

Build programs and reward each important activity. Let employees choose their prize!

Make Tasks Clear

Assign single or multiple tasks and monitor progress. Increase personal motivation!

Most Preferred Strategies

Implement effective strategies and use elements employees like most:

Level progression

Points / scores

Real time feedback

Progress bars

Activity feeds

Social connection

Visualize Results

Metrics aren’t just for managers! Provide each employee with their own performance stats in real-time.


Open multiple communication channels for your team and keep them informed.

Leader TV

Total transparency for succesful teams! Broadcast results on big screens!


Capture data on performance! See individual and company level statistics.

Visualize Results

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